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Enneagram Workshops
Hosted by Christina Sheer

The Enneagram Advantage: Empowering Teams for Success

With every Enneagram Workshop we empower teams to thrive through self-awareness and understanding. Together, we discover how the Enneagram can revolutionize your workplace dynamics and cultivate a culture of collaboration. 


My Enneagram Journey


As a Certified Enneagram Coach, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of this tool in both personal and professional settings. My journey with the Enneagram began while working on the Marketing team with Michael Hyatt & Co. (now known as Full Focus). It was during this season of my career that I learned from Enneagram Thought leaders such as Ian Cron and Beth McCord.


After experiencing my first typing session in 2017, I loved learning more and more about myself, my identity, and how I uniquely interact with others. I was always encouraging my friends, family, and co-workers to take a free enneagram test and share their results with me so I could learn how to better navigate and support all of my relationships. 


In early 2020, my marketing expertise and passion for the Enneagram crossed path in a unique opportunity to join the Your Enneagram Coach team as their Marketing Manager. Connecting with fellow Enneagram Enthusiasts and Coaches from around the globe fueled the flame for me to become a Certified Enneagram Coach. Helping founders Beth & Jeff McCord launch their latest book, "More Than a Number" catalyzed my desire to share the Enneagram with others in the Workplace. 


What is the Enneagram

and its Workplace Impact?

The Enneagram is a powerful personality typing system that offers deep insights into individual motivations, behaviors, and communication styles.


In the workplace, understanding the Enneagram can enhance team dynamics, improve conflict resolution, and foster empathy and productivity.

What To Expect

Christina Sheer is a passionate about helping

individuals and teams reach their full potential.


With an understanding of the Enneagram, she utilizes this powerful tool to bring about personal and professional growth.

Through her expertise and guidance, she helps individuals discover their unique strengths and areas for development.


With her support, teams are able to navigate challenges, improve communication, and build strong relationships.


 Whether you are an individual looking to enhance your personal growth or a team seeking to improve collaboration and productivity, Christina is here to guide you.

Meet Your Coach

Trusted by Leading Organizations

Our Speaking, Enneagram coaching, and live and virtual workshops have been trusted by organizations across industries, including Your Enneagram Coach, Mast Cell 360, Every Nation, LMI, Rodan & Fields, and more. We've helped teams like yours unlock their full potential and achieve greater success!

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“The Enneagram workshop led by Christina provided practical tools to navigate workplace dynamics with greater empathy and understanding. It was incredible to see our team's collaboration at the event!

Insightful and Impactful

White Sheet

Exclusive Video with Beth McCord

As a celebrated authority in the Enneagram community, author and founder of Your Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord shares her expertise and insights in this exclusive video along with Christina Sheer. Gain deeper understanding of the power of discovering your Enneagram Type in your workplace.

Hear Christina Sheer Speak

Christina Sheer - Speaker

Christina Sheer - Speaker

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